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Daphne Masque

Daphne Masque fell in love with her own imagination when she was quite young. When Daphne was a young girl she was prone to telling tall tales, some would call them lies. Her mother called it an active imagination, while shaking her head. There were so many stories but only one tells the tale like none other.

One day, Daphne ran in the house and screamed “Mom the cows are eating your pansies” To which her mother replied.

“Sweetheart, you have to stop telling these stories, nobody is ever going to believe a word you say.”

“But mom the cows are eating your pansies,” Daphne argued.

Her mother shook her head with impatience; “honey . . .”

Daphne grabbed her mother’s hand and dragged her outside only to witness the cows had demolished the bed of pansies. Her mother grabbed the nearest broom and started screaming at the cows and pushing them back through the neighbor’s torn down fence, batting them on their back sides.

That night at the dinner table, Daphne’s father asked her about the day and she innocently replied, “I saw Mom chasing cows with a broom and screaming at them,” Daphne said prouder than a peacock.

“Daphne, you’re old enough now to stop telling tall tales,” her father said.

Believe it or not, that is the truth.

Beyond all reason, Daphne is attached to her life in the theatre. She’s never earned much at it, except for a few years when she earned a modest living teaching and directing. But that hasn’t stopped her from garnering awards for acting, directing, teaching and playwriting. She studied theatre in college, received several degree’s, taught at a local college, performed in many theatre’s, co-founded a Readers Theatre Company and still performs and directs.

Daphne has made hay with her imagination and has been a working in the theatre for over four decades. Where does the time go? She would love to say that she’s been writing all her life – well possibly she has. She wrote a lot of bad poetry when she was younger but that was because she didn’t have to pay attention to grammar. In fact her grammar is so bad, teachers and friends have both said, more than once, “I hope you don’t plan on making a career of writing.”

To which she would always reply, “Of course not, I’m terrible at it.”

As life would have it, plans changed along with her perspective and her creative energy. Then her commitments all shifted to make writing romance novels not only possible but a reality.

She’s grateful to write Romance Novels in the theatre. The stories you will read are based in reality but not about real productions. However, the some of the events, the attitudes and accomplishments are very real. These are not stories about Broadway or Hollywood; there are plenty of novelists writing terrific romances set in those locations. Daphne wants to take you back stage, into the shadows, to hear the whispers and witness the intrigues between all the players. Please join me.


Show Fever

The first in a series of back stage encounters that lead to exciting times under the lights! It gets hot under the lights...