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I enjoyed the characters, the bits of humor, and definitely look forward to the next book in this series.The author clearly has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the theatre and she passes this on to the reader with creativity and humor. The characters are artfully created and each has a colorful and unique personality. The storyline is fascinating in that it is hard to believe that a penny could be so valuable until I looked it up and found it to be true! The author certainty did her research. The descriptive narrative throughout was so thorough you could picture every scene. The whole story came to a wonderful conclusion and this reader can't wait for the next installment of this entertaining series. A great first novel from this creative and gifted author.

So fun...never read any romance novel like this the 'theatre' setting, like a two in one - characters distinct and realistic.

Clarissa is trying to get over her divorce, find a positive outlook on life, and reinvent herself as an actress. Her journey, complete with ups and downs, is touching and when she meets Alexander she knows she has a chance to succeed. Alexander is a man of mystery, but he’s genuinely attracted to Clarissa, and when her bumbling, no-good ex tries to swindle her, he steps in.

This is Daphne Masque’s debut novel and like all debuts, it has a few bumps. But the story holds you, the dialogue is wonderful, and the detailed descriptions of what it’s like to produce a play puts you right there with the actors. The theater, which will appear in all three of her books, is a terrific setting.