Introducing Romance at the Empire Theatre

Introducing Romance at the Empire Theatre

Welcome to my first blog from The Front Row. I’m as excited as a teenager dressing up for her senior prom. Embarking on the journey of a new career is a daunting task but writing a romance novel has been very rewarding and a welcome change in my life. You’ve come to the right place to find Small Town Romance /Big Drama.

I’ve been a storyteller as far back as I can remember. I love reading a story well told, puzzling through a plot of my own or being enchanted by a play or movie, I adore them all. It’s always inspiring.

As it happens, I’m launching my first series, Romance at the Empire Theatre, with three provocative books about romance in the theatre. This series gets straight to the heart of the matter, love backstage.

The first novel is “Show Fever” where The Philadelphia Story is produced and Empire players struggle to save the Empire Theatre from the clutches of crooked developers. The second novel is “Haunting Indiscretions” where the company produces “And Then There Were None” and grapple with the enchanting ever present notion of Ghosts in the cat walk. The third and final novel is “Nudity Happens” where they produce “Hair The Musical” and the cast and newly formed board of directors grapple with the responsibility of Art in our culture.

In Show Fever, the first novel in my series, the cast and crew of the Empire Theatre Players struggle to both put on a production of “The Philadelphia Story” and save their theatre from the clutches of crooked developers. Haunting Indiscretions, the second novel, finds the theatre company producing “And Then There Were None” while grappling with the enchanting, ever-present notion of ghosts in the catwalk. In the third and final novel, Nudity Happens, the company and its newly formed board of directors grapple with the responsibility of Art in our culture during a staging of “Hair The Musical.”

Truth is, all my romance novels will be about romance in the theatre in ways you’ve never seen before. Whether we’re watching from the audience, backstage or the catwalk, there is a story to be told and I’m excited to tell it.

Get ready for historical reenactments, minstrels searching for a tavern, cozy mysteries, Shakespeare in the Park, and dabbling with the paranormal, all under the umbrella of a theater production. There will be splashes of comedy and drama in each novel. We’ll go backstage to hear dressing-room gossip, see costume-shop fittings, and witness design battles and creative clashes between actors, producers, playwrights, designers and directors. But I promise, in the middle of it all, a romance will arise from the conflict-scarred characters and love will win to embrace us all.

If you’ve received this blog then you’re already nestled in your red velvet seat in the front row . . . backstage.
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